Stanislaw Frenkiel Fine Art


The Hypnotist, 2000 Oil on Canvas

As one looks through the work it becomes clear that there is a gradual burgeoning of breadth and richness, a continuing process of maturation, that never in fact stopped. This becomes forcibly striking I think, in some of the very last paintings he made – I am thinking of the outstandingly accomplished and compelling The Hypnotist …..
Simon Wilson,
RWA Exhibition February 2003
The Tide, (….was)painted in 2000, the last full year of his life.
At the age of eighty-two Stas was still pressing on the accelerator, and like the true artist he was, confronting, grasping and expressing life through art, even in the face of death.
Simon Wilson,
RWA Exhibition,
February 2003

The Tide, 2000, 102 x 78cms Oil on Canvas